Parking Guidance System


Introduction to EasyGuide, the Cutting Edge
Parking Guidance System

Every parking facility manager knows the struggle of optimizing existing spaces. If people could simply find their spots more quickly, that would clear traffic out of your facility. Without that traffic, people could park faster and be on their way, meaning they return to their cars faster. This, in turn, opens up more spaces more quickly and therefore increases your financial opportunity. This might sound like something out of a dream, but it can be a reality with a parking guidance system.

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What is a parking guidance system?

This type of system is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a system designed to guide people while parking. Different systems use different techniques to offer that guidance, from simple signage to more sophisticated LED indicators. In essence, this is infrastructure you put in place to make it possible for people to park more quickly and easily.

Why should I install a parking guidance system?

If you’re ready to bring your facility into the 21st century, start shopping for a parking guidance system today. Imagine maximized stall usage paired with minimized traffic flow. Imagine reduced congestion through your facility resulting in greater environmental care. Imagine happier, less stressed customers. All of this becomes a reality with a parking guidance system to make availability throughout your structure clear to your consumer and your team.

The problem with many parking guidance systems is that while they can help you optimize your garage, they’re challenging to install, too expensive, or just inaccurate. That’s where our EasyGuide system comes in.

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what is a parking guidance system

What is EasyGuide?

EasyGuide is a single-space parking guidance system that offers your facility support on three tiers.
First is the in-facility guidance. Through easy-to-see LED indicators above each stall that have 7 color setting, any individual looking for parking in your facility can quickly spot and navigate to open spaces. We don’t stop there, though. We also offer LED guidance signs throughout your facility. Our system is easy to install and offers a wealth of benefits, from maximized garage occupancy to improved traffic flow through your facility resulting in reduced emissions.

Secondly, EasyGuide includes a management system. With real-time and dynamic management and reporting, EasyGuide can help you get a bird’s eye view to optimize your stall utilization and pricing. Our management system is cloud based, mobile friendly, and data driven. EasyGuide brings facility managers occupancy minutes and percentage by stall type, the ability to adjusting stall and pricing settings, and predictive analytics for dynamic decision making.

Finally, we bring our services to your consumer. Our ParkUp customer parking garage app displays real-time parking availability, gives the option to pay through the app, reminds drivers where they parked, and incentivizes choosing your facility through loyalty programs.

How do I get started?

Parking Sense’s EasyGuide offers accuracy, reliability, and affordability in an easy-to-install, cutting-edge package. To learn more about what our parking guidance system can do for you, call us today!

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