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Why You Need a Parking Garage App Like ParkUp™

Technology has the potential to make our lives easier in so many ways. From video conferencing to electric cars to sophisticated smartphones, we’re seeing technology transform our world. Why shouldn’t it do the same for your parking facility? With a single parking garage app, you can get more from every stall in your facility. And you can give more service to your customer, too.

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What can a parking garage app do for me?

We designed ParkUp™ to make it possible for you to have more opportunities to optimize your revenue. An app tailored just for your parking garage gives you a platform for sharing promotions and parking availability on social media. ParkUp™ also provides a reservations software so you can earn revenue before anyone even pulls into your facility! Finally, it has a fully integrated loyalty program. Our parking garage app can help you keep your customers happy and keep them coming back.

What can a parking garage app do for my customer?

Let’s delve deeper into what ParkUp™ offers the people who choose your facility. With advance booking options, they get peace of mind knowing parking is dialed in for the important events in their life. With in-app payment options, they eliminate the stoppage of paying as they exit your facility. With a loyalty program, they get rewarded for choosing your facility. With reminders that it’s time to move their car or where they left it, they can avoid hassle and frustration. In short, a parking garage app can make parking at your facility a blissfully easy, rewarding experience for your customer!

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Why should I choose ParkUp™?

ParkUp™ is the best option for your facility! There are quite a few parking apps on the market, but none of them will integrate as seamlessly with your parking guidance system. In fact, this app makes EasyGuide the first fully integrated parking system on the market! We’ve designed ParkUp™ to work hand in hand with our EasyGuide system so you can use technology to get more out of your facility on every front. More customer satisfaction. More revenue. More functionality. All for less money and less headache, plus fewer emissions.

If you’re ready to explore what our parking garage app can do for you, call Parking Sense today!

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