07/08/2017 By: parkingsense

LA Metro

After securing and installing our guidance system for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, we have now been asked to partake in the county’s initiative to use renewable energy to power our system. It is estimated that the solar energy will produce 12,000 watts per day, which is more than enough energy to run the 500 watt Parking Sense USA system.

Gary Gonzales, the head of the solar energy system project, agrees that implementing this system is part of the future of parking. “Clearly, solar energy is beneficial and as adoption increases due to decreasing (solar) equipment prices, will be instrumental in reducing the production of greenhouse gases (i.e., reduced carbon footprint).” Parking Sense USA’s EasyGuide parking guidance system is already proven to lower carbon dioxide emissions by shortening the drive time to find a parking spot. Coupled with running the system on solar energy, Parking Sense USA is well on its way to ensuring better moods and environments in the foreseeable future.