07/07/2016 By: davidw@parkingsenseusa.com

Why Parking Garage Liability Insurance is Critical for Your Facility

In our litigious society, parking garage liability insurance will help safeguard your facility! You’ve done a lot to protect your parking facility. You’ve installed sufficient lighting. You’ve hired dependable employees to oversee it. You’ve probably even invested in some security measures. But t...
06/27/2016 By: davidw@parkingsenseusa.com

From Dream to Reality: Frictionless Parking with our Parking Garage App

If you want to stay ahead of the frictionless parking trend, get moving today with our parking garage app! Parking has a reputation for being a headache. Too many people know the frustration that comes with circling the block for an available spot. Everyone has felt the pinch of high parking rate...
05/27/2016 By: davidw@parkingsenseusa.com

The Environmental Impact of a Parking Guidance System

Do your part to go green! Here’s a quick look at the environmental impact of a parking guidance system. Parking and environmental friendliness might seem like they belong at opposite ends of the spectrum. We know that vehicles are a large, contributing, negative factor to the environment, so a b...
05/13/2016 By: davidw@parkingsenseusa.com

What is a Parking Guidance System?

What you should know about parking guidance system options. The parking industry is transforming. Gone are the days of laying out a huge lot of spaces and letting the consumer have at it. Today, facility managers are working to create a smarter, better business that supports their end user and t...