06/09/2017 By: parkingsense

The Big Picture: What is Parking Guidance?

A complete parking guidance system is like a three legged stool.  One leg represents the consumer experience, one leg represents the operator experience, and the final leg is the owner experience.

The first leg is the consumer experience, and this is by far the most important leg.  Parking structures in congested urban environments will begin to compete for their visitors (whether monthly or transient).  This is evident by the fact that the Google maps team has entered the space  and that consumers are frustrated with current parking systems.

The other part to this is how mobile devices have become our go to device for everything:  Information, transactions, etc.  There was a study recently that spoke about consumers not wanting to pay for parking with pay stations, or texting.  Those processes require more attention from the already frustrated consumer, however, an integrated app that automates the consumer experience and lessens the required interaction may be the solution to parking frustration that the consumer is looking for.

Companies, operators, or owners that ignore the consumer experience risk alienating their customers.  Cautionary tales of consumer alienation and consequences are easy to find, such as United Airlines, Blockbuster, Circuit City, and more. The common thread to these stories is not shifting to what consumers want, which is convenience.

ParkUp is our answer to what the consumer is looking for; easy to use, finds the garage, displays the rates, and pays through the app. Integrated multiple features will ensure to deliver the convenience that the consumer demands.  Facilities that have our system installed often see glowing reviews from the consumers, easy integration, and increased revenue.

The second leg is from the parking operator perspective: managing and optimizing the revenue from the facility. Our total solution allows dynamic space pricing, single space monitoring, lifetime warranty on equipment (with maintenance package) and more. Have an event and need more transient parking – log into our cloud based solution and set event pricing. Use notifications through our app to direct consumers to reserved event pricing. Run out of disabled parking spaces? You can simply designate regular spaces into ADA spaces with our cloud based solution.

The third leg is from the owner perspective, building and owning a parking garage requires a significant investment. Our system allows you to see your ROI, attract more customers, and ensure that your investment is performing at the highest rate of return.

If you need help with a parking garage, and you are looking for a complete and cost effective solution, reach out to us for a free no obligation evaluation of your current system, and what our solution would bring to the table.